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Discovered was founded because we believe business can be used for good. Our mission is to connect creative artisan makers to global buyers. So people can buy beautiful handcrafted & unique goods and at the same time create positive impact.

We want to help shop owners stock socially responsible handcrafted goods and try them risk-free! We curated a selection of thousands of goods out of our marketplace of handcrafted goods by local artisan makers in emerging countries, guaranteed to create positive impact with every purchase.

We understand how time consuming it can be to find unique products to stock your shop. Every time taking a risk (will it sell). And having money tied up in inventory.

So why not just let you order your inventory online with free returns? Makers wouldn’t have to spend any money upfront to reach buyers. Shops could discover new products whenever they wanted and never get stuck with unsold goods again.

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We help shops discover and try thousands of unique & ethically sourced items risk free.


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We work hard to discover the world’s most incredible creative artisans in emerging countries so they can use business as a force for good. 

By stocking your shop on Discovered, you support generating better incomes for the makers.

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Order new products in and try them in your shop for 60 days. Pay for what sells & return what does not.

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We offer a curated selection of thousands of  unique handcrafted goods from creative makers in emerging countries. 

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All items are handcrafted with love by artisan makers in emerging countries. Impact included. 

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